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The expanded cartography of the psyche

Illustration of iceberg above and under water
For a sustainable therapy it’s important to consider the entire domain of the psyche. Various spontaneous experiences of people, rituals in ancient cultures, mystery schools, working with plant medicines, breathwork and near-death experiences show that the domain of the human psyche extends far beyond the biography of one’s life and that it is therefore necessary to look beyond the childhood.
By recognizing the full cartography of the psyche, the birth trauma can also be looked at. The way through the birth canal creates such pressure that a lot comes together here, which is further determined by how the baby is subsequently received; the transition from the womb to the world. This moment of birth is also the blueprint of the individual. The birth chart shows how the person is put together and how themes can work out. In childhood it is therefore not only a matter of how the environment reacts to the child, but above all how strongly the parents/carers and environment activate the blueprint in a positive or negative sense. Looking further from this holistic lens of the psyche, we see that this blueprint was already activated in the womb and even during conception. So a regression to the womb also reveals much about how a person’s theme was activated. This theme can be seen as a condensed experience system that works as a theme from the womb or earlier all throughout life. By going even further, the transpersonal and/or meaning-making aspect comes into play; archetypes, the ancestors and being part of a greater whole.

The goal of the therapy is to activate the self-healing capacity of the psyche so that suppressed and dissociated parts or traumatic experiences can be brought to the surface for processing. This leads to self-knowledge and wholeness. At the same time, this also works on that that from within wants to be manifested in this life.